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Investment Philosophy

JZ Capital has a long history of investing alongside exceptional management teams of privately held businesses to help build value and create opportunities for both shareholders and employees. Transactions can help generate liquidity for owners, raise capital for future growth and create equity opportunities for key management. Further success is targeted through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. JZ Capital brings a wealth of investment experience, capital, advisory resources, M&A expertise and international capabilities to help execute on these initiatives.



Transactions are structured to align shareholder interest and maximize future growth potential.



Growth is accelerated through both organic investment and strategic acquisition.


Realize Value

Value is realized as a result of enhanced earnings and superior market position

Why JZ?

JZ Capital’s commitment to management, combined with a disciplined and time-tested approach to investment, provides a unique alternative for business owners looking to realize liquidity while at the same time maintaining the legacy and culture of the companies they have built.

  • Permanent Capital

  • Flexible Structuring

  • Long-Term Value Creation

  • Management Centric Philosophy

  • Investment Experience