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Our Team

David Zalaznick

Chairman & CEO

212.485.9410 Email David Zalaznick

Sang Lee

Chief Financial Officer

312.573.6441 Email Sang Lee

Matt DeLong

Managing Director

312.573.6439 Email Matt DeLong

Reagan Hogerty

Managing Director

312.573.6434 Email Reagan Hogerty

Eric Kieras

Managing Director

312.573.6419 Email Eric Kieras

Todd Lanscioni

Managing Director

312.573.6435 Email Todd Lanscioni

Rhett Madison

Managing Director

212.485.9410 Email Rhett Madison

Grant Smith

Vice President

312.640.3402 Email Grant Smith

Blake Harber

Senior Associate

312.573.6438 Email Blake Harber

Jessica Clemence

Director / Business Development

312.573.6437 Email Jessica Clemence

Aaron Farnsworth

Vice President / Finance

212.572.0847 Email Aaron Farnsworth

Michael Fletcher

Vice President / Finance

212.485.9412 Email Michael Fletcher